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How important is Time Management anyway?

If it is NOT Important– Why is it always a topic of discussion?

This is a very interesting reflection in a world that constantly challenges us to ‘manage our time’. “Here is the latest tool, resource, strategy,” and we respond, “Thanks, I will now be better with my ‘time management’ in my life and work.”

I want to introduce you to a different paradigm regarding time management.

It is about having a ‘Singular Focus’

What do I mean?
What is the narrative and feedback that we consistently hear?
“I Lack Time!”

This is the number one problem that leaders struggle with, an inability to develop and implement strategies that really work for them.

However, I want to suggest that it is more about having a Singular Focus!

So, how can we do that?

This is ALL about You: Learn! Dream! Read! Renew! Grow!

How do you engage in maintaining a single focus while respecting yourself and being an asset to everyone around you? You must ensure that your personal growth stays high on your agenda and not just for yourself but for the sake of others too! People are wanting the best version of you to be revealed, and people who care about you most are cheering from the sidelines for you to become just that… – at Home; at Work; in Life; with Relationships; and all this should be while living out the fullness of who you are meant to be.

It will demand a high standard of investment in your personal development by constantly reading quality materials, learning as much as you can; wanting to be consistently challenged and stretched; by renewing yourself regularly and developing into the best ‘you’ that you can be.

Additionally, this type of focused personal transformation is powerfully impacted through observing others; learning from others; being challenged by others; listening to others. If you are willing to maintain this type of focus, then you will become an exceptional person.

Also consider your spiritual well-being, where you take time to reflect, relax, and re-ignite the spiritual dimension of your life. This creates regular intrigue, curiosity and wonder in your world. It spills over into the expression of who you are in the world and impacts how you stay in touch with your intrinsic values to show up authentically in your daily life.

Important questions to answer first.

  • What is most important to you, and why?
  • What is it that you really, really want?
  • Why do you want that in particular?

These types of questions help clarify what your underlying motivational drivers are. If you have not stopped to spend the time to consider what they are in your life, work, family, personal, future, etc., then it is important to do so. They assist you to gain certainty of your authentic desires, which are often sitting undiscovered inside of you. We need to surface them, face them, name them, and embrace them in their right place in your world.

If this singular focus on your personal growth is left in the realm of uncertainty, then there is another certainty approaching on the horizon of your future – ‘Failure’! Failure for you to live out fully your authentic self into an exceptional expression that only you can uniquely contribute to the world. With this sort of focus your priorities become clear and time management takes on a new meaning, where you get to live a powerful, insightful, inspiring, and motivated live.

You and I need – consistent clarity in our preferences, where we will not be distracted, daily choices will become habits, habits produce character, character produces a fulfilled life, and a fulfilled life leaves a legacy for the next generation.

Stay focussed on the foundation of your transformation, for yourself and for the sake of others, and your intrinsic values will emerge giving rise to your purest and highest priorities. If you follow them, you will not waste your time but utilise it wisely. Enjoy the journey!

by John Hardy

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